Work in the office… But only once in a while

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“Flexibility” is the word used by Gonçalo Alves and Ariana Simões de Almeida to describe LACS’ quick offices. The first is the founder of LegalVision, a startup whose platform develops specialized software to validate legal processes and documents. The latter works as a consultant for the United Nations and other similar organizations, and is also the founder of the Girls for Girls Portugal project. These are quite different scopes, but they have one thing in common: both can be done in this place, but they don’t  need to be always done in this place.

It is in these rooms, located in the LACS buildings, that occasionally work colleagues meet. As the Head of Marketing of LACS, Inês Cabral, explains that quick offices are “office rooms prepared to receive teams that need to meet, for example, once a month or once a week. When they arrive at the place, they already have everything set up to enjoy the space”.

This is the perfect solution for companies that do not need a permanent space, but that, sporadically, need to meet. Without the obligation to pay a monthly rent, regardless of use, the advantage lies in the fact that those who use quick offices pay only for the days they are actually there. The amount per person, for each hour, is 2,50€ + VAT, and the cost applies to a minimum of eight hours for four people.

“Instead of having to have a monthly fee with LACS or any other flexible office space, we created this product for companies to have this flexibility to book it when they need it, for a very nice price”, says Inês Cabral. Our Head of Marketing also adds that these spaces can have “televisions to make projections, and coffee and water”, so it can be “comfortable” for the teams, who feel as if they “were in an office to do their brainstormings, team buildings, or whatever is necessary”.

We all know that COVID-19 set new labor trends and that hybrid work is here to stay. Therefore, quick offices respond to organizations that, although spending a large part of their time working remotely, also like to have a conversation where everyone sits at the same table. “The product was designed exactly because of the pandemic. People were teleworking, but later they had the need to bring the teams together”, explains Inês Cabral.

This is what happened with Gonçalo Alves company, which embraced this “new reality” and “learned to work remotely”. “What led us to work in a hybrid model”, explains the founder, “is being able to be more productive than going to the office every day”. And, right now, the members of his team only go to the office once a week.

Ariana Simões de Almeida chose to go twice a week, but she is not going alone. She doesn’t belong to any company, but she has friends who, like her, are consultants on international projects for organizations like UNO. “We used the opportunity to have a work space together to support each other,” she explains.

They all worked in a hybrid model: remotely, from Portugal, and traveling to the countries where they had projects. But during the pandemic they made this decision because they spent much more time in our country. Thus, they started to take advantage of this space, which, twice a week, promotes “sharing and support”.

This is one of the solutions proposed by LACS, however there are companies with different dynamics that are returning to the office in different ways. For all cases, we have a solution, from private, permanent, personalized studios to a table and chair always available for those who work alone or have to study for college exams and need a suitable place to do it. The buildings are located in Lisbon, in Anjos and Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, and in Cascais. Just choose the ideal plan and take advantage of a comfortable place that promotes creativity.

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