Virtual office: what it is and how does it work?

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Entrepreneurship is exciting, lucrative, but in the beginning, it’s difficult pretty much all of the time. The path to become your own boss is faced with many challenges and finding an office space as well as keeping costs under control are some of the first things that freelancers have to worry about.

A virtual office offers the most efficient solution for freelancers, remote workers or small business owners who don’t need a physical space yet. It requires low commitments and is one of the most affordable memberships in flexible workspaces.

So, what really is a virtual office?

The difference between a virtual office and other flexible working spaces is, as the name hints, the fact you don’t actually have one. Instead of renting a space you rent a distance service that allows you to work on and from a specific location.

You get a business address and can even have some basic office-related services such as mailing and packing handling or access to meeting rooms for when you need to meet your clients, investors or other stakeholder of your business.

If you are just starting out…

Then you’re heading to success! When you start your own business you realise the need to keep your personal life apart from work. Meeting with clients, investors and business partners at home or in a crowded noisy coffee shop isn’t ideal. Having meeting rooms well located in the city center will help give your business that extra boost.

You already have a company, but don’t need a physical space …

Already have your own office in one city but want to approach other markets without getting another space; you’re a freelancer or remote worker who spend most of your time from one place to another but still need to meet with clients on their city.

At LACS we offer you a monthly plan with business access and mail reception and also access to exclusive community events. 

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