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Networking is the English term that expresses the ability to establish a network of contacts or a professional connection with someone. But for LACS it’s much more than that – it’s a network of support and synergies to enhance the opportunities and successes of members of our community, creating long-term relationships. So we want to know more about who are the LACS members, what their business solutions are and why did they chose LACS to establish themselves, so we can help foster and build these networking relationships.

An advantageous networking can involve exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge, putting people with the same interests in touch and promoting relationships between both parties. To take advantage of a good networking, you need to know what they are looking for and what they can provide – mentoring, an innovative product, inspiring conversations, contacts from suppliers, among others, that serve as a bargaining chip.

LACS wants to build, continuously, a sharing space for the entrepreneurial and creative community that occupies work, culture and leisure spaces, in the three poles scattered throughout the city. By doing this, we multiply the creativity that abounds here and create a cohesive community, from the freelancer to startups and large companies.

How are we gonna do this? We want to know more about the members of the three buildings that together form the LACS community, inviting all members to participate in the interviews that will take place in the Madremedia studio, at LACS Anjos (2nd floor). Madremedia is also part of the community that grows and flourishes here. This innovation company for media and content creation will record the video interviews (about 20 minutes) and take some pictures.

If you didn’t know Madremedia, it’s possible that other LACS members don’t know who you are yet, so to boost networking and enhance our community, we want to let you know about each other – and those who are looking for us outside -through a filmed interview in which we ask you and ask you to:

  • Explain your business in 30 seconds;
  • What are the business prospects for the next two years?
  • Why did you choose LACS?
  • Do you advise working at LACS? Why?

Some LACS members have already answered these and other questions in the videos available on our Youtube channel. This is where we will share our next interviews, as well as share some teasers and testimonials on our social networks.

Do you accept the challenge?

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