Startups and LACS: the four main benefits

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All startups are born from an idea and develop due to the ambition and hard work of their founders. It is the normal path for new ideas and for new companies. But does it make sense to keep at home, an idea that was born on our sofa, on a day full of inspiration?

In times of a pandemic, the choice of working from home is the straightforward solution for any startup. After all, this is how it all started and a global change in the world literally made us work from home. But, if the home office was enough at the beginning, as the business grew, stagnation started to show. And the same is happening today. It is necessary to meet with clients again, to separate professional and personal life, have flexibility, share, talk and network. 

There are many good reasons to choose a flexible workspace if you are running a startup. If you think through, nothing makes more sense as these spaces bring together remote workers, digital nomads, small and medium-sized companies and freelancers in a shared work environment. And it is no accident that 89% of people feel happier after they joined coworking spaces

We have selected 4 main benefits of bringing your startup to a flexible workspace like LACS: 


This is probably one of the biggest advantages of working in a flexible workspace. The sharing of experiences and synergies will help your business grow, as well as the careful curation we make of our members, increasing the chances of success and the development of new business opportunities, as you will find professionals and companies from different areas. 

And because keeping a positive spirit when managing startups is very important, we have workshops, happy hours and other great community events, making possible to meet new people, realities and openly talk about different topics. 


A rental of a traditional office may be a solution for a startup, but it usually requires a long-term financial commitment. When renting the physical space, you must also add the costs of internet, water and electricity, which, in a flexible workspace, are already included in the monthly fee, saving these costs from the start. In addition, all coworking spaces are equipped with tables and chairs, making decorating no longer a problem. 


The main benefit of a coworking space is flexibility, normally offering different memberships, you can use the space when you need it, being that daily or monthly. You can also rent meeting rooms whenever you need or a Quick Office by the hour, a custom-made office, previously decorated. We have several memberships: from the daily Flex membership, which allows you to choose one table per day or the option to make a weekly or monthly membership. The Fix membership gives you the possibility to have a fixed table for a month. Or you can use a coworking space as a Virtual Office. Whatever your needs, there is always a solution that will suit you. 


A flexible workspace will grow as your startup grows. Nothing is static for a startup and coworking spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodate the growth of its members. There were only 2 people sharing a coworking table, but now you are 10? No problem, you can move to a larger Private Studio

These and many benefits make flexible spaces the best solution for start-ups. Would you like to know more and how we can help you? Get in touch with us! 

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