Seekers Club recording at LACS

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“Como Ter Melhores Relações” is the title of the most recent workshop available at the Seekers Club, with Tânia Graça as the mentor, recorded at LACS Conde d’Óbidos. Aimed at guiding and helping to understand how it is possible to improve the relationship with your own self, it is the most recent workshop of the personal development academy founded by Frederico Canto e Castro.

The Seekers Club is a program with exclusive online workshops, live events, and a vast community that helps to overcome obstacles and achieve different goals in various areas of life: Health and Energy, Mind and Emotions, Love and Relationships, Money and Lifestyle, Career and Entrepreneurship, Productivity and Results.

In partnership with LACS, all LACS members can have free access to this workshop. Get in touch to find out how!

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