On the International Coworking Day working on LACS is free

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The concept of coworking dates back to 1995, when hackers in Berlin wanted to find a space where they could share thoughts and information. But this working philosophy didn’t gain expression until August 9, 2005 when software engineer Brad Neuberg wrote about inviting creators to come together as a community. Brad Neuberg is credited with starting not just Coworking Day, but the whole coworking movement itself.

At LACS, a creative cluster of flexible workspaces, in the form of private studios, coworking and ateliers with a community and networking environment, we analyzed some of the disadvantages of home offices and the advantages of working in a coworking space: People need people. For all the benefits of flexibility working from home give us a feeling of isolation and thirsting for human contact. Becoming a member of a coworking space gives you access to a whole community. Just talking for five minutes over coffee or saying hello at the corridor is more interaction than some housebound freelancers get in a week.

Bye bye distractions. There are a million home tasks that need to be done while we are there. If you are prone to procrastination working from home can be the worst option and you can even find yourself washing dishes or preparing dinner instead of getting down to working.

Split the waters. Having a separate working space and meeting rooms available whenever you need them is a great plus of using a coworking space. If you need to meet with clients even at videocalls a home office set up doesn’t always give off the professional vibe you need

Contacts. The community at a coworking space is not only for making new friends and keeping the isolation at bay. It’s also a great opportunity to make new professional connections and build partnerships. 

Best of both worlds. If you are still not convinced of the benefits of coworking, you should remember that you don’t completely have to give up the flexibility of working from home. Flexible memberships at coworking spaces like LACS are usually cheaper than hiring a permanent office and allow you to use a desk at the coworking office whenever you need to, but still keep the option of spending some days working from home. Working at coworking spaces allows you separate your work from your private lives. Using flexible workspaces like LACS sets up boundaries and allows you to recharge fully from work when you are at home.

If you aren’t yet a LACS member, from monday 9th and friday 13th you can use LACS spaces for free. Choose your favorite location and send us a e-mail or fill this form.

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