The definition of a strategy for hygiene, safety and protection of workers is currently fundamental in the context of returning to face-to-face work, in situations where it is possible.

Consitent with the measures adopted since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic in March 2020, LACS Community of Creators has decided that it will vaccinate its teams and all of its members at its locations in Lisbon (Anjos and Rocha Conde d'Óbidos) and Cascais against COVID 19 as soon as the national authorities consider that the vaccination process has reached certain defined goals, namely among that all priority and most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated and that vaccines can be acquired privately.

This initiative aims to, on the one hand, ensure a safe environment for the more than two thousand members who interact daily in LACS’ spaces and, on the other hand, contribute to the national vaccination effort against COVID-19.

LACS is a creative cluster, a space where work, culture and leisure work in perfect harmony. LACS offers flexible work spaces, in the form of private studios, coworking and workshops, for small, medium and large companies, in addition to a community environment and networking possibilities.

15 Apr

LACS announces its decision to fully subsidize vaccination in its flexible and coworking spaces

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