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Art, culture and leisure are at the origin of the creation of LACS Communitivity of Creators. Since its beginning, LACS has been a space that stands out for its position within the creative industries, having the Carpe Diem Center as a partner, supporting different artists and encouraging cultural consumption.

One of the main pillars of LACS is Cultural DNA and the partnership with the Carpe Diem gallery marked the creative cluster from the beginning. With an exhibition present throughout the building, Carpe Diem has been present at LACS Conde d’Óbidos since the first day, promoting the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and the mobility of artists, as a way of stimulating interest and improving access to culture, in a program that includes emerging and established artists.

Carpe Diem in detail

Before arriving to LACS, the Carpe Diem exhibition traveled to New York, Berlin, Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. Featuring more than 60 pieces, the exhibition includes works by artists such as Manual Caeiro, José Lourenço, Sofia Leitão, Martin Guerra and João Serra.

Founded in 2009, Carpe Diem is a contemporary art center with an exhibition program composed of national and international artists with the ambition to create a network for the exchange of information between creators, critics, students, producers and the public. In 2017, a new challenge was launched: not having a permanent exhibition space. And it was in this context that the Carpe Diem Editions project was born, with limited editions by different artists.

If you would like to have a panting of the exhibition Múltiplos Carpe Diem

Just visit LACS Conde d’Óbidos, see all the paintings in the Multiple Exhibition Carpe Diem, choose the one you like the most and ask the LACS team for more information about it. If you are a member of LACS community, you have the opportunity to tryout the painting in your home for free during one month before purchasing it.

Discover the entire Carpe Diem collection here.

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