Made of Lisbon and LACS took them to Web Summit!!!

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In partnership with Made of Lisboa we had the chance of giving the opportunity to LACS community to attend to Web Summit!!

To apply our members had to registered on Made of Lisboa platform, mention that they are part of LACS Community and explain how can Web Summit change their lives, personally and proffessionally.

Resolva o Meu Look” and “Solo Adventures”  were the big winners and we went to speak with them to discover how was the experience of going to the first edition of Web Summit Online.

For Ayla of “Resolva o Meu Look”, “participate at Web Summit on this 1st online edition was, as always, an enriching experience. Be able of get inspired by people and learn the tendencies to apply our our businesses on the next day was super helpful. Something different that I learned on this edition was the connection with people whom can be our partner, investors, or clients. The networking was even better and access barriers our lowers. For me was ver fruitful.”

For Joana of “Solo Adventures”, “the opportunity to participate in the Web Summit via LACS and Made of Lisbon enabled Associação Solo Adventures to access a world stage of networking and technology so that we could create bridges of collaboration and expand our entrepreneurial and social impact. This year, with the mentoring of Portuguese Women in Tech, we structured a social business in order to be a future channel of financial sustainability, which has great potential but requires investment and initial expertise to move forward. Through our participation in the 3 days we were able to not only gather valuable insights on the various tracks and masterclasses, but also to make more than 75 direct contacts and we obtained scheduling meetings with individuals and strategic entities. So we continue with more strength in building a community of Practical Dreamers for the positive change in society and in individuals! Thanks!”

Hopefully, next year we will have new adventurous to share!

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