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BioBalance was born in 2006 with the main objective of recovery, strengthening and conservation of health and integral balance of the human being, through natural and complementary therapies, using the latest generation biofeedback technology.

First, a small questionnaire, and then, it seems that it is the “machine” that does almost everything. It may seem that nothing happens, but through the electrodes that are at the ends of our body (wrists, ankles and the head) all of our information is scanned and passed to the system.

All the symptoms that we have, in an incredible way, because we  say nothing out loud, are “caught” by the equipment, which tells us what is out of balance and where we have to pay more attention and care.

After this diagnosis that lasts about 20-30 minutes, Alexandra tells us what is going on and works as a magician: a small treatment that helps to balance what is unbalanced. There are no miracles and this work has to be accompanied by our work, becoming aware of what is out of balance.

This diagnosis defines the focus for the next sessions, giving inputs of changes that can / should be returned in our lifestyle so that our body goes back to where it should always be, balanced.

About Alexandra, our therapist, has a beautiful and inspiring life story. Knowing what led her to BioBalance shows that life often shows us the way, just be aware.

For Alexandra, “All the circuits and machinery are there; the problem is that, the body is sometimes so overloaded that it cannot figure out which “switch” to turn on to activate the process. And that’s where Biofeedback – Quantum Therapy: to help you heal yourself. »

Alexandra Bugarim has over 15 years of experience in Biofeedback EPR – Quantum Therapy. With more than 2900 hours of training in this innovative area of ​​health, he is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist certified by the Medical Council of IMUNE (International Medical University of Natural Education). He has specializations in Lifestyle Medicine (Harvard Medical School), in Nutrition Sciences (Standord Medicine) and Life Coaching (Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching).

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