LACS Inauguration: A big day

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LACS launches its first creative cluster on Lisbon’s riverside and announces the opening of its second location in Cascais. 

Friday June 8, was the official launch date LACS – Communitivity of Creators, a creative cluster for entrepreneurs involved in arts, design and new technologies, based on three founding pillars: community, communication & creativity and that offers spaces dedicated to culture, networking and leisure.

The opening of our creative cluster was marked:

  • By the presence of the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, who walked through the premises to meet each and every resident member and to enjoy the cultural atmosphere throughout.
  • By the presence of the Secretary of State for Tourism Ana Mendes Godinho, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon Duarte Cordeiro, the Administration of the President of the Port of Lisbon Lydia Sequeira, the Deputy Mayor of Lisbon with responsibility for Culture Catarina Vaz Pinto and also the Mayor of Cascais Carlos Carreiras.
  • By an agreement with “Carpe Diem” – a platform dedicated to research, experimentation and dissemination of contemporary art with particular focus on emerging talents;
  • By a protocol agreement with “P28” – the development of creative and artistic association, which includes cultural initiatives with a social responsibility aspect directed to mental illness.
  • By a party that filled the building’s rooftop, with breath taking views of the river and which will remain open to the public in the future.

Out of the 60 companies established at LACS Conde D’Óbidos we can highlight EDP Starter, Cognizant, Rock in Rio, Defined Crowd, Mycujoo, AbyPay, Exit Peel, Supplies, Youbiz Group, APBA, Sportinveste, CTRL, Be2do, Parpe, knook, Media Project.

It was also stressed the importance of the different partners who supported LACS project and whose contribution was fundamental to its success, such as Tranquilidade, PT Empresas, EDP Starter, Rock in Rio, Robbialac, OTIS, Sanitana, Logoplaste, Paris-Sete, Talent, SMEG, Vitra, Adico, Ductos, GJP and Santini.

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