Keeping up with the changes: lifelong learning in the new world of work

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It’s not news to anybody that the nature of work is changing. What is being called Industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution, is well on its way and is expected to usher in an era of even greater automation driven by data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new uses of technology are already altering the way humans work and the roles they need to take on.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) considers that children in today’s schools are being prepared for jobs that don’t exist yet, so what can professionals, who have already set off on their careers and left formal education behind, do to keep pace with those changes and be sure to stay employable?

Changing needs require new skills

Companies are already contending with how to hire the right workforce for the new and changing roles that are opening up. The answer to these difficulties at least partly lies in their current employees constantly adapting to change by learning new skills and being willing to take on new responsibilities after training.

The WEF’s Future of Jobs report noted that, “Across all industries, about two thirds of respondents report intentions to invest in the reskilling of current employees as part of their change management and future workforce planning efforts,” meaning that a majority of employers are aware of their changing needs and planning to retrain their employees accordingly.

Employees are also aware of the changes that are afoot. A study by the Pew Research Center in the US showed that 54% of workers surveyed considered that developing new skills and training throughout their careers was essential for keeping up with changes in the workplace.

A thirst for lifelong learning is essential

It’s clear, now more than ever, that lifelong learning is no longer optional. Gaining knowledge and new skills now need to be built into every career stage and the willingness and hunger to learn what it takes to succeed in a continually changing professional setting are essential. Standing out at work is not only about doing your job well today, but it’s also about learning how to do the job you’ll be assigned tomorrow.

LACS and Fábrica de Startups inspire employee reskilling

With its strong understanding of the fast pace of change in the workplace, LACS has partnered innovation incubator Fábrica de Startups to launch the LACS Labs powered by Fábrica de Startups Programme.

The programme is focused on challenging the companies and individuals to come up with new business ideas. These new ideas will undergo a selection process and the best will undergo a process using the FastIdea and FastStart methodologies followed by a 6 to 12-month acceleration stage for the ideas that make it that far.

“As well as encouraging relationships between entrepreneurs and innovative companies, we want to take on a position of leadership in promoting innovation in Portugal,” says Dulce Martinho, General Manager of LACS, “It’s part of our DNA to create creative and dynamic ecosystems and we want companies to establish faster and more agile innovation cycles through this programme.”

Besides helping companies to develop innovative and sustainable business ideas, the LACS Labs powered by Fábrica de Startups programme is also intended to provide people with the skills they need for their evolving roles.

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