How to improve the workflow of your remote team

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“We are in remote work. And now what?”

With the shift from traditional workspaces to telecommuting, this has been one of the most asked questions in recent times, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, which has changed the whole world. Entire teams have restructured themselves, become accustomed to using mostly video conferencing for holding meetings, the way teams communicate has changed and the cup of coffee we were going to grab in the morning with our coworker has been replaced by online Happy Hours.

But what are the challenges of keeping a remote team motivated?

We have put together some recommendations that will hopefully be useful in managing and increasing the teams that work remotely.

Establish a schedule

Even working remotely, all employees must achieve the objectives previously defined. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that everyone follows the same strategy and maintains productivity in order to reach those objectives that were established at the beginning of the year. The difference? Working hours can be more flexible. After all, 78% of employees feel that a flexible schedule makes them more productive.

Hold regular team meetings

Having team meetings will be one of the most important tools you should use when working remotely. Set a schedule every day or every week where all your employees can meet and keep everyone up to date in the development of ongoing projects. Additionally, it will give a sense of physical presence to everyone! It is important that no employee feels abandoned or that their work is not relevant during remote periods of work.

Learning as a priority

This is the ideal opportunity to take that course that you always wanted to take and never had the time or learn more about that tool that will help you get better results. Remote working allows you to work on this. Also use this opportunity to give back to your employees and allocate some training hours, it will improve their skills, bringing benefits to the company.

Transforming leisure time at work

Take time for everyone to catch up a little bit about how they are feeling and what personal projects they have. Can’t make a team building right now? It doesn’t matter, plan one still and inform your team. This will keep everyone motivated. After all, who doesn’t miss talking to the colleague who sat at the opposite table every day?

Give and get feedback

Trust that everyone works equally in and out of the office. Remote working is not synonymous with less productivity, quite the opposite (according to a recent Stanford study) However, to maximize productivity it is necessary to obtain feedback from employees. During your team meetings or in an individual conversation, it is really important to understand if your employees are motivated or if they have a problem that needs support. Remotely, a simple discussion about who did the dishes the previous day at home can influence productivity, so it is important to maintain an updated feedback policy with everyone.

These are some ways to improve team productivity remotely. It will take some effort and dedication, but it will pay off in the long run!

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