A combined evening, it's what we call it. An Exclusive Workshop with John Niland and a networking celebration around The Self Academy Book Launch.


About the workshop:


Too many people start their days haunted by the ghost of insecurity. For some, the uncertainties relate to changes in organisation or marketplace. But the question that haunts many working lives is that perennial question: "How am I doing?"

It seems we are obsessed with assessments, more so than ever before. Most of all, by our self-assessments. This is hardly surprising: we have been educated in a culture of self-esteem: the reputation we have with ourselves. While self-esteem is good in many ways, it also writes a blank cheque for self-preoccupation and insecurity.

The incessant question “How am I doing?” is a recipe for weaker negotiators, narcissistic managers, and insecure professionals. Self-preoccupation is a malaise that often weakens real job effectiveness. When it’s your turn to buy a service, don’t you want a professional who is focused on YOUR needs, not his or her ratings or performance?

In this talk, John Niland will highlight the difference between self-worth and self-esteem and show how this distinction illuminates a new pathway to real job effectiveness. A fresh understanding of self-worth transforms a working life, empowering a professional to:

- bounce back swiftly from setbacks

- be more courageous in meetings and/or with clients

- charge more for their services

- enable vital feedback conversations to take place

- inspire trust from co-workers and customers, particularly as a leader

About the book:


As many of you know, the journey around 'The Self-Worth Safari' has been going on longer than Dr Livingstone’s expedition up the Zambezi. However, the good news is: we have finally arrived.

Take home your own signed copy. We are also delighted to announce that John's book will also be available for sale at a special price on the spot. You can choose your ticket to include a book already - or you are welcome to buy it at the venue for 5€ (only cash).

We hope to see you there!





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