Energising Business Development Webinar, hosted by John Niland from The Self Worth Academy.
When a person really values himself or herself, this brings very tangible benefits. They discover fresh energy and stamina. They develop confidence in meetings with prospects. They are more courageous in their questions, more decisive in their planning and more focused in all day-to-day actions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
- why self-worth is a game-changer, even in a mature business
- disrupting some current trends: the power of standing out and doing things differently
- how a self-worth pitch is more compelling that the usual "spiel"
- five tangible benefits of self-worth: particularly in building trust
- four practical actions to put in your diary every week (that most of your competitors will not be doing!)
- daily self-worth habits that are good for marketing and for your career



Join us on April 24th for "Energising Business Development" webinar and breathe some fresh life into your marketing initiatives. If the webinar is of interest to you here’s the link: https://my.demio.com/ref/oe148s786gDQIj86.



Energising Business Development Webinar

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