Do you run or cycle? Then you need a Personal Accidents Insurance

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Are you one of those people who can’t sit still? Do you love sports and the outdoors? Then you need to take out a personal accidents insurance. You are exposed to a greater risk and it is essential that you protect yourself from the unforeseen risks that are lurking. A personal accidents insurance protects you and your health, without forgetting the future of your family.

Discover the stories of Manuel, Inês and João
Manuel was never great at sports. However, because of his children, he got used to enjoying the weekends discovering the many seafront side walks in Lisbon. As soon as his children had their first bike with trainer wheels, they forced him to follow them. One day, to prevent them from hitting a wall, he ended up falling. That day’s ride ended at the hospital.

7 years ago, Inês discovered the pleasure of running. It started out as a joke and to prepare for the summer. Before she knew it, she was addicted and couldn’t live without a road ahead of her and trainers on her feet. Whether it was sunny, rainy, cold or hot. Until she tripped on a poorly paved sidewalk which kept her in the “bench” for three months.

João has always ridden a bicycle. He would spend weekends searching for hidden paths that connected Cantanhede, his hometown, to Mira beach. Little by little, he created a group of friends who got used to cycling together. The problem was when, at age 42, a big fall left him with back problems. In addition to surgery and a slow recovery, he was on sick leave for nearly six months.

There have never been so many physically active Portuguese
Could these cases have something in common with you? It is likely that the answer is yes. Fortunately, the number of Portuguese with an active life and healthy habits is increasing. There are around half a million Portuguese who run regularly. In 2016, 40% of the four million existing households in Portugal had at least one bicycle.
Adopting an active lifestyle is excellent. Practising sports is good for your physical and mental health and develops social relationships. However, it exposes those who practice it to greater risks, and there is no escaping this reality.

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The importance of a personal accidents insurance
“There are too many accidents that can befall life on planet Earth”, and therefore it is likely that one of them will eventually happen. This quote belongs to Stephen Hawking and should serve as a warning sign. A disproportionately optimistic attitude that nothing bad will ever happen is far from reality.
In 2017, there were more than 48 thousand personal accidents in Portugal. So, ignoring this problem and choosing not to protect yourself is not the right attitude.
A personal accidents insurance such as PA Always Safe from Tranquilidade gives you the reassurance of knowing that you will be protected against any daily unforeseen events. If you need hospital treatment because you twisted your foot, like Inês, you can rely on the coverage of treatment expenses to help with the recovery.
In addition, there are coverages that include the possibility of receiving a daily allowance for disability to perform your professional activity. Thus, if an accident causes a period of inactivity, you will be able to compensate for any income losses. If the accident causes death or disability of the insured person, the family can receive an initial capital to help with immediate expenses and receive a monthly income for the following five years.

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