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PinMeTo AB has it’s Virtual Office at LACS Anjos and we went to find out more about their day-to-day work.

PinMeTo AB is a location marketing company. We work with large companies that have many physical locations around the world, centering on our unique platform the optimization of information available in each of their stores in thousands of directories on the web, such as opening hours, services available on site or even accuracy of the pin on the maps. We boost the presence of our customers online, organically, in a single click – and they can change the information in bulk or individually, for each of their stores, clinics, counters, etc.

We spoke with Bernardo Candeias.

Describe your work in three words. 

Collaborative. Motivating. Flexible.

What is best about your job? 

Being in contact, daily with many people, from various companies. It is a sharing of information with customers, who end up becoming working partners. Working at PinMeTo is to be a part of the cog in the online presence of many companies.

Describe your typical day.

Start work early to prepare all the meetings. Hour after hour, being in touch with customers or potential customers, presenting our company’s solutions. Analyze the territory data in real time. Finally, be in permanent contact with colleagues who are located all over the world. And the best thing about PinMeTo – give us time for our health, to exercise and meditate.

What music do you listen to while working? 

I always preferred to work in silence – but I got used to listening to podcasts, many of which have nothing to do with professional areas. For example, I really enjoy listening to “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend”. If I end up listening to music, it will be a very Zen playlist.

How did PinMeTo AB start? What’s the main idea behind PinMeTo AB?

The company started with the idea of ​​solving the problem of managing the information present in many locations; for example, a clothing brand with many stores. Typically, marketing departments will need to access Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram, Apple, Foursquare, to individually update opening hours, phone numbers, contact email, available services in each store as if there is a cash machine, if there is a home delivery service, etc. PinMeTo, in addition to create and authenticate brands and locations across all services (Google, Apple, Facebook, Foursquare, Trustpilot, and thousands of others), customers can change the branding, featured images, photos of the store, or change information in bulk, such as opening hours, without leaving the platform. In addition, we also have an online reputation management service, where customers can find all comments, tags, direct messages, scores and analysis in a single chat and respond to customers promptly in one place (and sometimes transform a negative score into a positive one). Finally, we have a fantastic service for publications on social networks that automatically change the text information or multimedia content as the customer physically moves, adapting the information to the nearest store.

What do you like most about LACS? 

My experience at LACS has already gone through two companies. I really enjoy the spirit of community and interaction with colleagues who do not work with us, in addition to the incredible common spaces, accessibility and resources that we can use. I think I have visited all the LACS – and they are all fantastic!

When you were a child, what did you want to be? 

I always knew that I would work in the area of communication. In one way or another, it ended up happening. I have a degree in Cinema from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, and I started to work in companies like NOS as Publicity Manager, Universal Music as Product Manager and then started an international career, going through the USA, Germany, Kingdom Kingdom and Sweden. Things ended up going as planned many, many years ago.

What was your first job? 

My first job was at NOS (or at ZON Lusomundo), as Publicity Manager. I was responsible for external communication, public relations and the press for Paramount Pictures’ film releases, Universal Pictures and many other independent films. In almost 4 years of work, more than 100 film releases have passed through me.

Someone who inspires you and why?

There are many people who inspire me, known or not. Nobody in particular is my main focus of inspiration. Of course, my parents principles are always retained; then I collect a little inspiration here and there and, mixing everything, ends up resulting in what I am today at a personal and professional level.

What is the secret to success? 

Most people say that it is always a lot of work, a lot of work. What is truth. But the work ends up taking us – if we want, and only if we want – to reach other people who, from one moment to the next, change the direction of our lives, with new opportunities and challenges. The secret to success, besides work, is luck – and this only happens if we dare to step on the risk and believe and fight for the impossible. Sooner or later, that impossible happens, we think, by chance, but in reality we were the ones who let ourselves be carried away by what we want and believe.

Advice for someone just starting a business? 

The best advice I can give is to forget that there are boundaries. Thinking in a global market as a step to take as soon as possible. The positioning of a new company in large territories will have its costs, but key territories end up paying off in the medium term. Therefore, it is necessary to think globally, always.

What are your favorite places in Lisbon? 

Professionally, I always have to travel from one place to another. Lisbon, of course, is a special city – and unique – for more miles that I have on my card. I love to photograph, due to my cinematic vein, and the architecture of downtown, of the neighborhoods, I never run out of creativity to take another photo. Saving a few hours, just to walk and photograph, always ends up taking us to a place where we pass so many times, but there was always that detail that escaped us. Lisbon is a bit of that – full of details and stories with which few other cities in the world can compare

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