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Mycujoo is without a doubt one of the Portuguese start-ups of the moment. Mycujoo livestreams thousands of football games from around the world, of 2nd and 3rd divisions that are normally not broadcasted on television. In March this year, Mycujoo secured a €3.7 million investment, and has today offices in Amsterdam, Singapore and Lisbon at LACS. We’ve talked to Ricardo Presa director for Portugal and co-founder with his two brothers.

Your work in three words?

Football, dedication and passion.

The best thing of your work?

Working in the football industry, a sport I’ve always liked.

Describe a typical work day at Mycujoo.

I normally get to the office around 9H00. Currently I’m running the Lisbon office and in charge of developing the business in Portugal. I try to divide my day in three parts: office related tasks, people management and business development. Like everyone I have lot of meetings, but I try to make them as snappy and objective as possible to avoid wasting time.

Do you listen to music when working?

Yes, mainly when I need to focus or write contracts. I normally listen to classical music or anything calm and relaxing. Other than that, I’m a rock n’ roll fan!

How did Mycujoo started?

With an idea that João and Pedro Presa had, at a time that Pedro’s football club went down to second division and games were not broadcasted anymore. Pedro tried to follow Boavista’s progress game after game, but there was no coverage what so ever online. And then came the idea of broadcasting amateur video content to address the need and gap in the market.

The name Mycujoo, comes from the idea of creating personalized and ownable content “My”, and “Cujoo” which comes from the word Cuju, an ancient and noble Chinese sport considered by FIFA to be the origin of football.

If you had to choose the best game you’ve watched on Mycujoo, which one would it be?

I’ve seen so many that it’s difficult to say. I´ve seen great matches from Braga, the semi-finals of the Portuguese 3rd division league, for which we broadcast 21 teams. Leiria who are one of our long-term partners, went to semis but lost against Mafra. It was great to watch them! I looked like a game from the 1st division.

What do you like at LACS?

The team at LACS have received us super well. They are really nice people, always ready to help. LACS have the advantage of gathering a group of people that have a common goal. They are start-ups, media or multimedia companies that operate in a fast pace mode. Next to us we have Rock In Rio Lisboa, a project of great intensity, and we identify ourselves a lot with them. LACS members have been well curated, and I like that. We were 6 at the beginning, and we will be 11 or 12 by the end of the year, yet feel part of a greater community. In Amsterdam it a different ball game. We are 40 and there we have our own community and private offices.

When you were a kid, what did you want to become?

Doctor like my dad. Quickly I changed my mind as I realised the hectic life he had.

Your first job?

Civil engineer for 6 years.

Any advice for your younger self?

At this stage I would say to myself that I shouldn’t have stayed that long in civil engineer, yet I’ve learned a lot. The MBA I took is for sure one of the best pieces of advice I would give younger myself. Great for networking. Knowing what I know today I would probably have gone to the US to an established business school focused on entrepreneurship and start-ups.

Who inspires you? And why?

Definitely my dad, because he gave me the basis of what I am today. My dad was very professional and responsible, and what he thought me allowed me to become who I am today.

What’s the secret to success?

Dedication is crucial. We need to give everything, be professional, humble e respectful, because if we want to be respected we need to respect others.

Advices for someone who has just about started a business?

When we start working, we don’t really realise the potential of what we are actually doing. We want to live the moment. When I started my main concern was what I was doing at the moment, how much I was going to earn, I didn’t think mid-long term about my career and my future. We need to invest in what is important to us. We need to set clear goals and learn step by step as we move on.

Favourite places in Lisbon?

Chapitô, the Estrela park and the Miradouro da Graça.

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