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Moody Month has it’s FLEX Membership at LACS Anjos and we went to find out more about their day-to-day work.

Moody month is an app that uses machine learning to personalise daily wellness for women. A health habit forming app, designed for how women’s bodies biologically work. Moody uses hormones and biological cycles to forecast and support everyday mental and physical health.

We spoke with Amy Thomson.

Describe your work in three words. 

Optimising women’s health.

What is best about your job? 

Being part of changing women’s everyday wellbeing and seeing the world changing for a more inclusive future. Everyday we have thousands of women using the app and being supported in a new era of female health. An era of health that is driven by technologies and designed with an inclusive female experience. Being part of and contributing to this health revolution is a privilege everyday.

Describe your typical day.

Everyday is slightly different and with different challenges, but Moody gives me a daily routine for my mornings, which sets me up. I have daily team stand ups from 10-11.30am, which means the start of every day is sprint planning, afternoons are where the action is happening. The app tells me which day and phase I am within my hormone cycle, which helps me know how my focus, memory or even stress levels might change throughout the day. I always need a change of scenery every 3 hours, sitting at my desk either at home or at the office for too long means I lose focus and get quickly distracted no matter what phase of my cycle I am in.

What music do you listen to while working? 

Obsessed with Idealism or any low beat melodic music, classical always works too. I avoid music with lyrics or fast beats, as it creates a frenetic mood for work.

How did Moody Month? What’s the main idea behind Moody Month?

As with all companies it was born out of a personal story that is reflective of a macro problem and gap in the market. Hormones are seen by society as a fertility conversation, but hormones control metabolism, sleep, sex drive, stress and even happiness. Our hormones are what make us human and in 2019 when we launched beta Moody the technology there was no technology that allowed women to track their daily mental and physical health around the four phases of their monthly hormone cycle and life cycles. We have been building ML from proprietary data sets for two years and are now ready to scale the tech, it’s an exciting global moment for Moody as a business.

What do you like most about LACS? 

It is a space filled with likeminded people, it is unpretentious and well designed.

When you were a child, what did you want to be? 

I always wanted to be an artist and a writer, but then I realised the world needed creative people to think about technology, politics and change making. We need more empathy in industries that have historically been seen as purely logic based.

What was your first job? 

Working in a grocery store. I loved it, mostly as i got to take away all the leftover pastry and cakes at the end of each day.

Someone who inspires you and why?

Elizabeth Gilbert, Reni Eddo Lodge, Chimamanda Adichie. Three of my favourite writers and three women who have written books that irreversibly changed how I think about my life and the lives of others.

What is the secret to success? 

Effective use of routines designed for your body. When you know how your body and mind work, you know how to tune into them and use them for focus, motivation and success. Hormones really are the secret to success inside us all.

Advice for someone just starting a business? 

Find your markey, by understanding the social problem and willingness for your customers to spend on solving that problem. Then build your business and be ready to fight to prove your place, it’s a mind game as much as a money game.

What are your favorite places in Lisbon? 

My favourite place is the mirodouro da Graca. Those views and sunsets can make any problem fade away. It’s medicine for your mind living in a city with so many beautiful view points, where you can always go and re-set. The light and sunsets in this city are the best in the world.

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