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Mixmind LDA has it’s Virtual Office at LACS Anjos and we went to find out more about their day-to-day work.

My company is just a vehicle for my projects, I buy real estate, local accommodation, interior design, architecture, manage a lounge, I make intelligent systems and robots.

We spoke with Gil Correia.

What is best about your job? Use creativity to do new things. 

Describe your typical day.

Walking around Lisbon to see projects, make phone calls and study.

What music do you listen to while working? 

More recently, I have been listening to Tame Impala and Nujabes to relax.

How did Mixmind LDA start? 

Three years ago. I needed a company for legal and tax reasons.

What do you like most about LACS? 

I don’t know it yet, but I hope to change that soon.

When you were a child, what did you want to be? 


What was your first job? 

In the energy department of Sinotrans.

Someone who inspires you and why?

A lot of people, but maybe Musk. He is always trying to do the impossible.

What is the secret to success? 

Study and assume that I am wrong until I check several times.

Advice for someone just starting a business? 

Do something that you believe in.

What are your favorite places in Lisbon? 

I like most of Lisbon for what it is.

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