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Being one of LACS’ first members, Egg Electronics is a Portuguese start-up that has developed a nice looking and functional PowerStation for homes and office spaces. It’s a multiple socket extension lead that has been nicely designed and though-through for multiple devices. Today the brand it is expanding internationally, and is preparing future launches to be revealed soon. We’ve talked with CEO Tiago Morgado and Sales and Marketing Director Marta Ciemiega.

Your work in three words?

Tiago: Powering your lifestyle, is our motto.

The best thing of your job?

Tiago: People. I’ve always said that since I joined Egg. One of the things I like the most about what we do is the peopel we meet, whether they are clients, partners or suppliers. We have the chance to meet a lot of people, all of them super interesting in their own ways.

Marta: And because we are a start-up and need to deal with a wide variety of things, we get to meet people with varied backgrounds and expertise and that is really colourful.

Describe a normal day at work.

Marta: Every day is different. We never know what to expect. I have my basic routine of course like checking email, but in general there isn’t a typical day. We have a second office in Porto de Mós and sometimes we go there, we visit the factory or even deliver an order in person of in Portugal.

Tiago: There are no typical days here, which is what makes our job so interesting. We produce in Portugal and almost every week we visit the factory to check how production is going.

Do you listen to music when your work?

Tiago: I listen to lots of music, and specially film sound tracks. Lately I’ve been listening to Netflix’s La Casa de Papel sound track. I love it.

Marta: I listen to Portuguese radio which helps me learn the language.

What is the main idea behind Egg?

Tiago: We wanted to create something nicely designed and useful. Up to the moment Egg was launched, there were very little options on the market for multiple socket extensions leads one would proudly show off or use on a desk. We’ve tried to create a product that would turn people’s lives simpler and more comfortable. Also, the fact that the PowerStation is customizable makes the experience a more emotional one. That was our main goal: create something beautiful, functional and comfortable.

What do you love the most at LACS?

Marta: The variety of people, the fact the river is just in front, and the positive energy and vibe we get in the building. Before we were based in the Chiado district, and it was hectic. Noisy, busy. Here it’s much calmer. It’s completely different. When other members join it will be even nicer.

When you were a kid what did you want to become?

Tiago: An astronaut, a cowboy and at some point, I wanted to be a fireman. None of them became a reality.

Your first job?

Marta: Promoter in a supermarket in Poland, giving away samples. I earned 2 euros an hour standing up for 10 hours a day. It was horrible. So I though, right, I really need to study to get a normal desk job and earn decent money.

Tiago: My first paid job was for a programme funded by the Portuguese government to support kindergarten and retirement homes. I was 16 or 17 and passed my entire summer helping the community in a kindergarten or retirement homes helping kids and elderly people. The pay wasn’t great, but I was happy and proud to receive it in the end.

An advice for your younger self?

Tiago: Be humble. It sounds a bit cliché but it’s true. If you are humble, work hard and treat people with respect, everything will be ok. Like that you will be able to influence and inspire people around you. Be true to yourself.

Someone who inspires you?

Marta: My dad, because he has always been an example. Him, his work and the way is is. He is a good person. Always worried with others. He’s been always true to himself.

Tiago: I can confirm. I’ve met her father.

What the secret to success?

Tiago: It doesn’t exist. There is a bit of luck, hard work, be at the right place at the right time, meet the right people and put pressure until your reach your goal.

Marta: Everything can be an opportunity, so we need to stay open to anything that come up. We never know what may come up.

Your advice for someone starting?

Tiago: To create something from scratch, if there isn’t a structure it’s obviously more complicated to attain your objectives. Nevertheless, my main advice is to never give up. You will hear a lot of “no’s”. It’s crucial to stay positive and motivated. If you believe in the product +, it will become reality one day.

Favourite places in Lisbon?

Tiago: Príncipe Real.

Marta: Miradouro de Santa Catarina, Príncipe Real, Praça das Flores. I actually love everything in Lisbon!

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