Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and taken up a desk at a coworking space. It offers all kinds of great facilities that will make your working life more comfortable and productive, but you still need to take a few items along with you so you can work to your best potential, fit in with your new coworkers and make the experience as smooth as possible.

Most coworking spaces rely on their amenities and services to attract new members and retain the ones they have. They’ve got comfy desks and chairs, Wi-Fi, chill out spaces, food preparation areas, and sparkling floors and bathrooms that somebody else cleans for you. Your monthly coworking fee includes electricity, Internet use and heating/cooling so everything is covered, right? Well, yes and no. There’s still a list of things you’ll need to take in so that you can plug in and get on with your work right away.

Computer and charger

Some coworking spaces might provide the use of a computer for an extra charge, but it’s not something you would want to rely on because… basic data security. Bring in your laptop, or even set up a desktop if you have a permanent desk that’s all yours, and don’t forget your charger because your productivity is about to go sky-high, and battery life should not be holding you back.

Headphones and/or a headset

Listening to music increases productivity and improves your mood, but you can’t expect all those new coworking colleagues to listen to whatever tunes make you work like lightning. Be a considerate member of your coworking space and keep your music for your ears only. A headset can double up as headphones for music – and cat videos on YouTube if that’s how you roll – and a phone when you need to get on a video conference without disturbing everyone around you.

Water bottle

A refillable water bottle helps reduce your plastic use and is cheaper than buying mineral water all day long. It will also reduce the number of times you have to get up to fill a glass in the coworking kitchen.

Paper and pens

Check your coworking space’s policy on printing documents. If it sets a limit and you think you’ll need more than whatever that limit is, bring in paper for the space’s printer. If you need to take notes you also need to supply your own notepaper and pens.

Snacks and meals

If you want to make the most of that extra productivity your coworking space is about to provide then bring healthy treats to snack on a couple of times a day and even meals from home to warm up in the coworking kitchen. It’s great to go out and enjoy all the new food spots nearby and get to know all the coworking members over coffee or lunch but beware you don’t get distracted. Your bank account and waistline will also thank you for limiting those outings to a couple of times a week.

A couple of layers of clothing

Air conditioning is probably part of the deal at your coworking space and that should keep you as warm or cool as you need to be. Bear in mind though, that it’s a shared workspace and what you consider too warm or too cold might not be the same for everyone else. Make sure you wear a couple of layers, so you can take one off or add one as things warm up or cool down throughout the day.

Business cards

Don’t forget a stack of business cards in to share with your new coworking colleagues. You never know when a new opportunity will come up and writing your number on a scrap of paper is just not as likely to get you more work.

24 Jan

What should you bring to your coworking space?

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