Following up on know-how gathered over the last decade, Morais Leitão decided to set up Team Genesis in order to cater for specific needs of emerging/growth companies and their investors (venture capital and private equity). Our work revolves predominantly around tech and life sciences.

By leveraging Morais Leitão’s international network (Morais Leitão Legal Circle and Lex Mundi), Team Genesis has been particularly active in advising our clients in their international expansion efforts. We act as PMO (project manager owner) effectively coordinating local counsel and the client deals with one main point of contact.

We specialize in “bet the company” transactions. The team is extremely active and experienced in national and international investment rounds and exits, notably equity rounds (seed and preferred rounds), convertible notes (or convertible equity/advanced subscription), venture debt and trade sales (including acqui-hires), both for founders and for investors.

Our lawyers have been very active in providing high value regulatory advice, i.e., regulatory validation of business models, new products at inception and when scaling to new geographies/jurisdictions.

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados (Morais Leitão) is a leading full-service law firm in Portugal, with a solid background of decades of experience. Broadly recognised, Morais Leitão is a reference in several branches and sectors of the law on national and international level.

LACS join the Team Genesis of Morais Leitão to make possible that the Community can clarify its doubts and get a suitable advice whenever necessary.

If you are a member, take advantage of our partnership and get in touch.

05 May

Team Genesis is LACS new partner

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