The first big event arrives at LACS in June based on a partnership between Rock in Rio Lisboa and LACS. Based on the motto “Creativity and Innovation for a world exponentially better”, Rock in Rio Innovation Week @ LACS will run between the two week-ends of this year’s Rock In Rio festival. Between the 26th and 29th June we will be gathering creatives, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, musicians for them to share experiences, ideas and to reflect on how to use creativity and innovation to build a better world.

Based on LACS’ founding concept of Communitivity, the talks will be divided in 3 groups: Community, Communication and Creativity.

Community: Content focused on defining innovative solutions for cities, work environment and learning.

Communication : Content based on connectivity, covering topics around the new media landscape and the new challenges of today such as human relations and the era of artificial intelligence.

Creativity: Talks about the importance of creative spaces as a booster to innovation and transformation.

Don’t miss the opportunity and get early bird tickets with a 40% discount.

05 May

Rock in Rio Innovation Week @ LACS

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